Ceramic Waterless Wash, 1 Gallon • The Ultimate Care Solution

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The ultimate car care solution has arrived! Keep your car clean with Ceramic Waterless Wash - 1 Gallon. This eco-friendly car wash will have your car sparkling with ceramic protection that's easy on you, and even easier on the environment! No water necessary. (Just don't forget the polishing cloths!) ent and time-saving design makes it an eco-friendly car care solution for every vehicle. Say adios to pesky water buckets and freezing hoses. This time-saving and easy-to-use product will make your car shine like a diamond in no time, without breaking the bank or the environment! Plus, you can't beat the convenience of skipping the car wash - and you don't even need water to get the job done with this Ceramic Waterless Wash. Polishing cloths are the only accessory you need.